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If you do not see your question here, please contact us.

We always love to hear feedback, or help you. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you do not see your question listed here.

Please allow 24-48 hours to reply to you.

What are the dates for the event?

Each round is open from the 15th of each month at midday SLT (12pm SLT), and we run till the 10th of the following month e.g. 15th of April 2018 till 10th of May 2018.

We close during these dates in order to prepare for our next round.

How do I become a Designer at FaMESHed Go?

The event is by Invite Only currently, as we have offered placements to our current FaMESHed Designers. Watch this space for later updates.

Thank you for your interest.

How do I become a Blogger at FaMESHed Go?

Bloggers are by Invite Only. 

Please do not send us notecards, we will ignore them and they will be trashed.

The Blogger Manager is Lawrence D Pryce (LawrenceD Resident).

I am a Pose/Tattoo/Skin/Applier Store, can I participate in FaMESHed Go?

FaMESHed i.e. Fa-MESH-ed is all about original mesh. We realise you work hard on your items, but this is about displaying top quality original mesh only.

Poses, Animations, Tattoos, Skins and Applier stores will never be accepted into the event.

What is FaMESHed Go about, and why two events?

We have two events, one is FaMESHed which has been our main event for the last 6 years. For the last three years, we have been working towards a mainstore shopping experience i.e. Go. Designers work hard on their mainstores, and they deserve love. So we created this unique way to shop at mainstores.

How do I obtain the HUD and when?

You can get the HUD in a multitude of ways:

– FaMESHed Update Group or Subscriber
– Designers Update / VIP Groups
– FaMESHed Go Marketplace
– Click the tags on the Go Booths.
– Any FaMESHed Go Sign
– In World Location for Go

Why do I need a HUD, when I can easily teleport to the mainstore?

For two reasons:

1. The HUD provides a shopping experience, so if you accept teleport permissions. You will be instantly teleported to your next destination.

2. The second reason, if you purchase one item per store (minimum of 10 stores) you will receive exclusive gifts.

How do the prizes work? Can I get it after the round is closed?

Purchase one item from at least 10 stores, you will notice on the handle of the HUD there is 10 white dots. Each purchase, one will light up. Once all 10 are lit up… It will flash and the tag will allow you to redeem the gift.

After the round closes on the 10th of each month, you will not be able to ever receive these gifts. They are a one off exclusive to the event and no where else.

Will I lose my points if I detach the HUD?

Absolutely not!

Can the HUD be resized?

Yes it can, but we recommend making a copy first in case something goes wrong.

Do I need to keep the HUD opened at all times?

No, you can detach or minimize it. We have made sure it is a low lag HUD, and will not give you performance issues. We tested on different screen sizes to ensure that it will not take up a whole screen!

Why do I need to accept teleport permissions?

Because when you click “Teleport” you will be instantly taken there, we are offering a unique experience. You can deny and will have to click the manual teleport on the map.

Where can I get information on FaMESHed Go?

All over our website or this helpful video.

I can't get the HUD?

If it is before 12pm SLT on the 15th of each round, it will be available at 12pm SLT on the 15th of each month. Not sooner.

My HUD is not registering a purchase.

If in the case your HUD is not registering the purchase, but it is registering other purchases, please send a notecard with the transaction to ElviraMidnight Resident. Labeled with the store name and your username.

The Redeem option is not working or delivering the prizes?

Please send a screenshot of the HUD, labeled with your username and we will check our systems. We will go from there on what to do. 

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