Go for June is now open.

We are now open for our June round, we have 24 amazing Designers. There are so many items to go and grab, it is time to grab those virtual wallets – go shop – earn points and claim prizes!

As a reminder:

We have changed how the prizes will work, and they will now work as follows: 

The dots have gone and you will now be given points per purchase per store. You are welcome to go to the GO HQ and spend your points there. 

There are several prizes to claim, and they will be updated every month. So if you are unable to get prizes this month… Do not worry it will be there next month! The points will remain for every round, so do not worry.. You won’t lose your points.

Grab the HUD from the following locations: Martketplace, Update Group, HQ, Designer Update/VIP groups or any GO tag at mainstores.

Do not forget to add your images in our Flickr Group!

June 2018


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